Frequently Asked Questions

Our products are made in Vietnam as the materials we use come from the lush jungles Vietnam offers. Our highly skilled weave team have years of experience taking raw materials and weaving something so amazing.

Our products are made of the highest quality seagrass, rattan, corn husk, water hyacinth material, and Bamboo.

We are so sorry! Please send us an email at support@resporox.com and we will do whatever we can to make it right. Don’t worry, we will fix it!

I Haven’t Received My Product

Please give it a few days and if you still haven’t received your product you can send an email at support@resporox.com.

We strive to ship out our products the same day. However, sometimes there may be a few days delay. Give it at least 3 days and if you still haven’t received your product, send us an email at support@resporox.com

Got Questions?

We are always here to chat. No matter what it is, we got the answers and we are standing by ready to help!